Testimonials from our users

"Your personal, rapid, and effective responses to all of my many questions have made this a great experience for me, and I am sure my visitors will appreciate the many features of the Webglimpse search engine.

Philip Weller, clicknotes.com

"We needed a website search engine for a client's large and complex website and pdf files. It needed to be able to search multiple archives, the search results ranking required different configurations for the various archive searches. In addition, the client needed different configurations of the page descriptions to be displayed.

"The prompt technical support we received while implementing these system configurations was exceptional.

"Site changes required Webglimpse to re-index over 20 megabytes of files on this site every day. It does this very quickly and without any apparent effect on our server speed.

"We have tried other search engine programs but WebGlimpse and more importantly, its tech support is the best!

John Webster, Aim IT, Australia. Website Developers


"I wanted to express my appreciation to you for developing such a fine product!

"I have been working vigorously with phpdig and htdig to no avail. I had your search engine working on my customer's linux server in less than 4 hours. I have it indexing a directory of pdfs and word documents and searching on the text within the documents. The other products I tried using never indexed my pdf's correctly and there was no support on them. Your product works for my customer's specifications with no problems and it's fast!

"Thank you again, and I will definitely keep your product in mind for other projects!


Dee Harwood
Synopsis Technologies

"When we were building the RFID Journal Web site, I looked around for a cost-effective search engine. No one could touch Webglimpse. Most important, their tech support has been topnotch."
Mark Roberti, RFID Journal
I have as part of my website a collection of over 19,000 text files representing stories that have been told via an email list for over 12 years. You can imagine the difficulty in trying to implement a search engine just for that collection of tales. Your programs have exceeded my expectations for what can be done. And that is just with the trial version.
Rev David Morris, GentleWare Studios
Just wanted to let you know that I am really impressed with Webglimpse. I was looking for a method to search my computer (W2K) without having to rely on the Windows search as it is slow and inconsistant. This tool worked great. I had it set up so that the alias in my httpd.conf file referenced my samba mount point for my W@K machine. This way when it found my documents such as http:\\127.0.01\mydocs\Report.doc Seeing how I was searching from my windows box using IE I could just click the link and the word doc opened in the browser. From the research that I did there are not many (err..any) other programs that are this easy to install that can act as a domain/network drive full text search engine. I'd imagine you could get a lot of poeple interested if your site talked up the network drive searching capabilities.

Thanks again for a great product
Aaron Walsh - Windows user

"Just a quick note to say glimpse and agrep (4.13.1) are working well for me under SGI's IRIX version 6.5. I'm using glimpse and agrep on several utilities within NASA's Space Station Training Facility (SSTF). This is the simulator that is used to train crews on living and working on the International Space Station (ISS)."

"Thank you for allowing *.edu and *.gov use of such a fine product!"
Dewayne VanHoozer,
Consulting Engineer
Houston, Texas

"To date, I am thrilled with webglimpse, the new admin. interface, and the multi-lingual capabilities. Your help has been invaluable in setting up our Hebrew archives. Many, many thanks,"
Adeena Ascher - JDC Israel
"very impressive"
Gerry Magennis - Campaign for Digital Rights
"Damn, you're good!"
Hugh McLean, privatelist.com

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