Remote Indexing Service

Allow users to search your website without installing any software. We can create an index for your website and provide you with a search interface. You can customize the search form and the result output page, and the results will all link directly to pages within your site. The search form itself can be easily inserted into your existing web pages.

You will have complete control over both the behaviour and look of the search. For example, you can exclude certain files from the index, specify how results should be ranked, and what search options to present to the user. Unlike a Google search, the brand is yours. The results page can be designed to fit exactly into the look of your site. Unlike a free Picosearch engine, the results are ad/sponsor free (unless you choose to add your own ad links, which pay you directly).

Advantages of a Remote Indexing and Search Service

If you are not a Unix administrator and/or do not have access to your own server, using our Remote Search Service may be the easiest way to create a fast, efficient, full-text index of your website. It also reduces the load on your server to have the searches performed elsewhere. We can set our Archive Server to reindex your site nightly, weekly, or on demand so the searches can always be up to date.

Indexing a site can be trickier than it first appears. Filters must be installed for PDF, MS Word and other non-text documents. Certain areas of your site might be password protected, and you may or may not want to index those pages. Repetitive text that appears on every page may need to be filtered out of the index to avoid meaningless hits. You may wish to enable field-based searching on specific META tags or other fields.

As the developers of Webglimpse search software and with wide experience indexing remote sites, we have the expertise to solve all kinds of index and search problems.


We charge for the time to configure the search, the space used and the CPU time for the searches. Our flat rate for most sites is US$50 setup fee (paid after setup is complete) plus $20/mo remote index hosting, which includes up to 10000 pages indexed and 50000 searches/week. Technical support is provided by email.

To get started, please fill out the brief form below:

Your name:
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Primary domain to index:

Additional information
Please describe any files to specifically include/exclude, additional domains to include in the index, any password-protected areas that are to be indexed:

I understand that remote indexing is a paid service and that payment will be required within 15 days of the indexing in order to keep the index active

I understand that Webglimpse.Net reserves the right to choose which requests to accept and that sites with any form of 'questionable' content will likely not be indexed

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