cPanel WG Installer for Administrators

cPanel WG Installer for Administrators

NOTE:the instructions below are for an older version of cPanel using the script library method. We are working on getting Webglimpse to work as a cPAddon. In the meantime we have successfully installed Webglimpse on modern cPanel systems manually, following the usual install instructions (see link on the download page). The only difference is that the Webglimpse cgi-bin directory generally must be chown -R and chgrp -R to the correct username.

Webglimpse is licensed as Shareware. No purchase required for installation. WHM/server administrators who install Webglimpse are eligible for a commission upon any user purchases. Simply register here to let us know you have made Webglimpse available to your users; each time a user on your server makes a purchase, we will pay you a 20% commission (usually $50 USD).

I. Prerequisites

  1. Addon Script Manager
    You need to have "Addon Script Manager" installed (menu "Add-ons") in your administrator cPanel. If not, you can find it at: menu "cPanel 1x.x.x" -> "Addon Modules" and make sure that "addonupdates" is selected.
  2. CGI Script Alias
    Make sure that all accounts that would like to use Webglimpse search engine have working cgi-bin directories and they are properly configured. You may like to enable CGI Script Alias in "Server Configuration" -> "Basic cPanel/WHM Setup".
  3. Enable SuExec
    To work Webglimpse properly and securely you need to have SuExec enabled. That will allow Webglimpse to generate archives with user's ownership and prevent other users from modifying files. To do that please follow: menu "Service Configuration" -> "Enable/Disable SuExec" -> "Enable".
II. Installation The easiest way to install Webglimpse is with our automatic installation script. Simply download the script from the following link:
Save it to a temporary directory on your server. Make it executable and run it as root:
	chmod +x
The script will retrieve the latest Webglimpse software and Glimpse binaries matching your operating system and automatically install as a cPanel Addon Script.

III. Users have access to Webglimpse as an AddOn Script

Upon completion, your users will see an option to install Webglimpse as an Addon Script when they click on the 'Scripts Library' icon.

IV. Removal Instructions (if you want to remove Webglimpse - not necessary for installation!)

Due to limitations of the cPanel 10.X interface, Webglimpse script is not able to remove all files that it creates. cPanel auto remover will remove only directory where http://user_domain/dir is located, but we also create http://user_domain/cgi-bin/cwg and HOME/cwg directories that should be removed manually.

V. Notes Some system administrators may prefer to install the package files by hand, or to examine them prior to install. For detailed information and installation instructions, please see the manual installation instructions

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