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The Webglimpse Manual : Installing, configuring and using Webglimpse from start to finish

Quickstart : Installing Webglimpse & Glimpse for the first time

Overview & File List : how it all works!

Webglimpse HowTos : detailed instructions for specific configuration tasks

Glimpse Man Pages : for using Glimpse in telnet/ssh/terminal window

Webglimpse 1.X docs : older version documentation

Published papers : original pdf & ps files. Also see The Searchable Site article from the July 06 issue of Linux Journal

Troubleshooting : notes for troubleshooting specific problems .... ..... ........ ....... .... ..... ........ ....... .... ..... ........ ....... .... ..... ........ ....... .... ..... ........ ....... ... .... ..... ...

Webglimpse HowTos

NEW 12/12/07:: Returning Good URLs as Search Result Pages

Merge SQL query results with full text search. (Some coding required)

NEW 2/15/08:: Eliminate repetitive text from search results.

Install the Webglimpse cPanel Addon

Search Tips for the End User: advanced query syntax

Configuring an Archive: detailed description of how to create a new archive using the web interface.

popular Customize Results Output: make search results page blend in with your site

Newdoc 10/10/07 Customize Ranking Order of Search Results: create your own formula for sorting results

Newdoc 10/16/07 Achieve 100% Uptime: by use of alternative indexes

Include/Exclude Files from the index.

Index files with spaces in the names

Index MS Word and Excel Documents

popular Index PDF documents using Xpdf

Index PDF documents using Ghostscript

Index upper-ASCII International Characters

Convert HTML codes to upper-ASCII characters

Field-based searching: recognize structured text

Search by directory: allow users to search within specific subdirectories.

Prefilter files for greater Speed

BibGlimpse: setup a light-weight PDF reprint manager for scientific literature, featuring automated bibliography retrieval.

Use Webglimpse with Softcart and Google Analytics

Additional documents are available in the context-sensitive help screens in the Webministration interface. The best way to view these files is to run wgarcmin.cgi from your own web server (something like and press on the 'Help' links. This will give you exact paths to the files that require editing on your server.

Place a Search Form in your Website

Index a Directory

Index an entire Site

Index a Tree of links

Edit settings for a Directory

Edit settings for a Site

Edit settings for a Tree

Reindex from your Crontab

Allow or Deny indexing of filetypes

Add Search Boxes automatically to all web pages

Search on neighborhood of a page

Prefiltering and caching for greater search speed
(version 2.7.0 and above)

Glimpse and Glimpseindex Man Pages


Glimpse man pages

Glimpseindex man pages

Glimpseserver man pages

An article describing the ideas behind the design of glimpse.

Search the Harvest Docs from

Webglimpse 1.X Docs

Installing Webglimpse v1.6 and above

Configuring an archive with confarc

Man page for confarc

Understanding the vhost option with confarc

Indexing an archive

Removing an archive with rmarc

Sample .wgsiteconf file

Sample archive.cfg file

Y2K statement

Academic papers & articles

some of the files below come from pre-publication copies of articles, so we do not have full author list and publication dates available. All of the links below are in PDF format unless noted otherwise.

Webglimpse - Combining Browsing and Searching 1997 Usenix Technical Conference
PS format

GLIMPSE: A Tool to Search Through Entire Filesystems White paper, Udi Manber & Sun Wu, 1993.
PS format

Siff - Finding Similar Files in a Large File System Udi Manber, Oct 1993
PS format

A Text Compression Scheme That Allows Fast Searching Directly in the Compressed File Udi Manber, 1993 ACM TOIS
PS format

A Fast Algorithm for Multi-Pattern Searching Sun Wu & Udi Manber, 1994
PS format

A Simple Scheme to Make Passwords Based on One-Way Functions Much Harder to Crack Udi Manber 1994
PS format

Approximate Multiple String Search Robert Muth & Udi Manber
PS format

An Algorithm for Approximate Membership Checking With Application to Password Security Udi Manber & Sun Wu, 1992. Information Processing Letters vol 50
PS format

Scalable Internet Resource Discovery: Research Problems and Approaches
PS format

Suffix arrays: A new method for on-line string searches Udi Manber & Gene Meyers, 1989
PS format | text format

Connecting Diverse Web Facilities Udi Manber & Peter Bigot
PS format

Harvest: A Scalable, Customizable Discovery and Access System
PS format

Troubleshooting Notes

It is probably also worth searching the Sympa mailing list archives.


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