Translators Needed!

Below is a plain-text version of the pages we would like translated first into any new language. They will provide a search form, results output, and a brief explanation to readers in that language. The word LANGUAGE should be changed to the translated language. For languages that require a specific character set, please specify what charset should be used with your translation.

Translation of the text below into any language we do not already have is worth a free commercial license! We already have the text on this page, but could use additional documentation, in the following languages: Hebrew, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Estonian, Italian, Polish, and Bulgarian. Please send translations or inquiries through our contact form

All words below should be translated into the new language, with the following exceptions:

  1. Do not translate the labels at the beginning of the line
  2. The word "LANGUAGE" should be translated into the appropriate word for the new language (ie into "Deutsch", "Italiano", etc)
  3. In some cases where a sentence has been chopped into individual words, the context is provided. No need to translate the parenthesized (context: example sentence) sections

%%Searchline%%: Search the archive 
%%usingwebg%%:	using Webglimpse
%%SimpleSearch%%:   Simple search of archive 
%%VerySimpleSearch%%:   Very Simple search of archive 
%%searchfor%%:   	Search for
%%lookfor%%:   		Look for  
%%typedabove%%: 	typed above. 

%%allwords%%:		ALL the words
%%anyword%%:		ANY of the words
%%exactphrase%%:	EXACT PHRASE
%%rankby%%:		Rank by
%%combinedscore%%:	Combined score
%%mostrecent%%:		Most recent first
%%linkpop%%:		Link Popularity
%%titlemeta%%:		Title and Meta matches
%%verysimple%%:		very simple
%%go%%:			Go
%%withoutwords%%:   	Optional - only find matches WITHOUT the words:  
%%advancedsearch:    Advanced search allows you to create your own boolean expression, 
		       use regexps, specify optional misspellings, partial match, 
		       case sensitivity and other options. 
%%justlinks%%:	   	Just the links on this page
%%entirearchive%%:   	Entire archive
%%selectone%%:	   	Select one or more of the above archives.
%%availablearchs%%:	available archives on this server
%%examplesearch%%:	Example search in LANGUAGE

%%fullsearch%%: Full search on archive %%search%%: Search %%searchfull%%: Search the full archive: %%stringto%%: String to search for: %%casesensitive%%: Case sensitive %%partialmatch%%: Partial match %%jumptoline%%: Jump to line %%misspellings%%: misspellings allowed %%usefilters%%: Use filters %%returnfiles%%: Return only files modified within the last -- days. %%maxfiles%%: Maximum number of files returned: %%maxmatches%%: Maximum number of matches per file returned: %%maxchars%%: Maximum number of characters output per file: %%onlykeywords%%: Try to print only sentences containing keywords. %%onepage: Return only one page of hits for maximum speed. Only most recent files will be returned. %%and%%: and %%copyright%%: Copyright %%uofa%%: University of Arizona
%%searchresults%%: Search Results %%lookingfor%%: Looking for %%in%%: in %%Found%%: Found %%matchesin%%: matches in %%files%%: files. (context: Found X matches in Y files) %%showingres%%: showing results %%neighof%%: neighborhood of %%newquery%%: new query %%limitof%%: limit of %%filesreached%%: files reached %%linesreached%%: lines reached, additional matching lines are not shown (context: limit of X files reached)

%%introtitle%%: LANGUAGE Webglimpse Introduction

%%welcome%%: Welcome to Webglimpse.Net

%%intro1%%: Webglimpse and Glimpse are Unix search engines. You can use glimpse to index files locally on your hard drive, and Webglimpse to index websites and make them searchable on the Internet.

%%intro2%%: Most of this site is still only in English, but Webglimpse itself can be used to index documents in any single-byte language, including LANGUAGE. The person installing and configuring Webglimpse will probably need to know English, but the users searching your site will not need to. The search form and results output can be generated in LANGUAGE.

%%intro3%%: Webglimpse and Glimpse are free for nonprofit usage, and by educational institutions. Other users are asked to purchase a license, or to exchange some work for one. We need translators - so 5 pages of documentation translated into any language we don't have is good for a commercial license!

%%docs%%: Documentation
%%downloads%%: Downloads
%%demos%%: Online Demo
%%devnews%%: Development News
%%buy%%: Purchase

End of text to translate - thank you!