Live Sites Using Webglimpse and Glimpse

Some of our search service and hosting clients:
Edgar Cayce Books World Database
Shakespeare Navigators
Magnan Audio Cables
Mexico Tours and Travel
Solutions 2000
Twelfth Night Navigator
Honor the Names Veteran advocacy site

some high profile users:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Stardust Outreach Team
Stanford Genome Project SMD Help Index
NASA procurement website
Earthlink (intranet)
Intel (intranet)
Hewlitt-Packard (intranet)
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (internal use)
Pixar Animation Studios (Glimpse for LXR)
Yahoo! (Glimpse only, internal use)

recently verified users:
Quackwatch Affiliated Sites search multiple sites from a single form
Several sites at the University of Minnesota, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health:

more Webglimpse users:
(the list below has been compiled over a long period - some entries may no longer be current)

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