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Reagan !
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1980: Film and TV archives at the Comedy Zone, Sep 6 2009
Comedy TV, Sponsored by • John Lennon was murdered in New York • Robert DeNiro won an Oscar for his role in 'Raging Bull' • Ex 'B-Movie' actor Ronald Reagan becomes President (USA) • Mount St Helens errupts in Washingston • America boycott the Moscow olympics in protest at Russia's involvement in Afghanistan About 1980 At the start of a new decade the world was stunned with the Murder of John Lennon by Mark Chapman.
...... Some were even more stunned to see ex B-Movie star Ronald Reagan become President of the USA. You Have been Watching... • Diff'rent Strokes • Not The Nine O'Clock News • Yes Minister • Mork And Mindy At the Cinema • Ordinary People (Best Film Oscar) • Raging Bull • Airplane • The Shining Related Articles Shop Search for TV Comedy at Amazon Link To Comedy Zone Tell A Friend About Us Bookmark This Page About Comedy Zone Privacy Policy Comedy Site Map ...

1983: Film and TV archives at the Comedy Zone, Sep 6 2009
...... Comedy TV, Sponsored by • US President Ronald Reagan unveiled his Star Wars plan for militarizing space! • Derby winner Shergar was stolen in Co. Kildare, Eire • Vanessa Williams became the first ever Miss Black America • Wheel Clamps were first used by London police • Polish Solidarity lead Lech Walesa wins the Nobel Peace Prize About 1983 1983 saw the first showing on British TV of the now world famous Black Adder. Also, while the famous race horse Shergar was stolen, Mothers everywhere were weaping over Box office hit 'Terms of Endearment'. You Have been Watching... • Black Adder • Newhart • Cheers • Don't Wait Up • Just Good Friends At the Cinema • Terms of Endearment (Best Film Oscar) • Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life • To Be Or Not To Be ...

1966: Film and TV archives at the Comedy Zone, Sep 6 2009
...... Comedy TV, Sponsored by • England won the football World cup (in England) • Comedian Lenny Bruce (39) & Silent film star Buster Keaton (70) both died • Timothy Leary arrested on drugs charges • Boxer Hurricane Carter was arrested for Murder. He eventually had the conviction overturned in 1985, some 19 years later • Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California About 1966 1966 was dominated in England by one event: The World cup which was both hosted and won by a jubilent nation. Lenny Bruce, a long term heroin user, sadly succumbed to an overdose and the Silent Film legend Buster Keaton fell silent for the last time. You Have been Watching... • Till Death Us Do Part • The Monkees • The Illustrated Weekly Hudd • The Vital Spark At the Cinema • A Man for all Seasons (Best Film Oscar) • Modesty Blaise • Blow Up • ...

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