The WebGlimpse Solution

Webglimpse site search software includes a web administration interface, remote link spider, and the powerful Glimpse file indexing and query system. Add sophisticated search capability to your site.

Webglimpse is scalable: index one small local site, hundreds of remote sites, or gigabytes of compressed documents. The code is open, mature, widely used, and actively supported.

Requires Unix server to run, can index documents on any server as long as they are accessible via Web or networked drive.

Aside from creating a searchable website, Webglimpse can be used for data mining applications, as part of a document management solution, as Glimpse for LXR and other integrated solutions.

Now offering consulting services in search, big data, python, node.js and blockchain with a percentage of payments going to support civic engagement at Civ.Works

At for Tucson, Arizona we used Webglimpse to combine SQL matches with full text search results, and returns result pages at Google-friendly GoodURLs.

On these sites, Webglimpse combines SQL item and category matches with full text search, without doing any SQL queries. How? We use a specially formatted dump of the tables to search, find matching records with glimpse and rapidly parse out the fields. The links from the search go to SQL-generated pages and print specific database fields. See also our site for Dallas, TX

Webglimpse was originally written at the University of Arizona, continued to be developed and maintained by Internet WorkShop and is now released under the ISC Open Source license.

Download latest versions as of 6/9/12:
Webglimpse  2.21.0   Glimpse 4.18.6 (source) / 4.18.5 (binary)
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