Downloads (UNIX only) : Glimpse 4.18.6, Webglimpse 2.21.2 as of 9/26/14

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UPGRADE NOTE: If you are upgrading from an older version or from the trial to licensed versions, you can KEEP all your archives and configuration files. Just tell the upgrade the path to the existing version and it will find everything.
Glimpse Webglimpse    
Webglimpse requires Glimpse. Separate use of Glimpse requires a license. If you are installing Webglimpse via ssh, you will need to install Glimpse first. (The FTP and cPanel installers automatically retrieve and install the appropriate Glimpse binary). The most recent release is always available in source form as
Source download: glimpse-latest.tar.gz

Glimpse is now also on Github

Thanks to Nelson Beebe for contributing binaries to 19 different platforms! Binaries are available for the following OS's:


Download: wg-latest.tar.gz

Webglimpse on Github

Additional notes and files below.
See Developer's Area for version history

Additional Notes

Glimpse 4.17.1 has been reported to compile and run under Windows using the latest Cygwin compiler, but is not recommended for casual Windows users at this time. Would be very interested to hear of anyone's results using Glimpse on Windows!

NOTE: Some browsers may erroneously drop the .gz extension when downloading .tar.gz files. Make sure you name your download with .tar.gz and unpack it appropriately

More DownLoad Files

3rd-party packages

For RedHat 7.0 users: the /bin/sort that ships with RedHat 7.0 appears to be broken. To get glimpse to work in RH 7.0, you will need to get GNU textutils v1.22 and rebuild sort from the source code.
Download GNU textutils v1.22

For indexing Word and Excel files, grab the catdoc program by Vitus Wagner and see Indexing Word and Excel Documents for instructions on its use.
Download: catdoc

To index PDF documents, get pdftotext from and see Indexing PDF documents with Xpdf

User-contributed packages shell script for use with pdftotext, contributed by Tong Sun. Note, the link ends with .txt so that your system will not accidentally try to execute the file; but you should save it as for use. See documentation for details on its use.

Glimpseit: Interface directly with glimpseserver from a shared object in a thread safe environment. Tested with Netscape server, anyone using in other environments please send in changes needed. Contributed by Bruce Alexander 11/13/99

lex-based html2txt filter: Speed up filtering time when using html character code conversions. Contributed by Christian Vogler 5/25/99. Now included with Webglimpse tarball and is the default filter installed.

Webglimpse 1.X

1.X Commercial version: Webglimpse-1.7.12.tar.gz

1.X EDU/GOV version: webglimpse-1.7.12edu.tar.gz

(there was no 30-day demo for 1.X)

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