Format of .wgfilter-index

A copy of .wgfilter-index is placed in each archive directory by confarc. You can edit this file to selectively include/exclude files and directories from your index.

The format is

	Allow|Deny  regexp
Each line of the file should begin with Allow or Deny, followed by some whitespace, then the regular expression matching the files to be included or excluded from the index. So for example, the line
	Deny  (^|/)secret
excludes any file whose path contains the string "/secret" or whose path begins with "secret". For more information on regular expressions, see any Perl reference book, or type "man regexp", or see the on-line docs on Perl regular expressions.

The lines of .wgfilter-index are processed in order, with earlier lines having precedence over later ones. So to index only files ending in .htm or .html, you could use a .wgfilter-index file containing the lines

	Allow \.html?$
	Deny .*
Note, .wgfilter-index is read by makenh when creating the list of files to be indexed. It is not read by glimpse or glimpseindex directly.

10/18/99 -

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