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Help for PreFiltering Files for Speed
The Prefilter filetypes input areas tells the reindexing script which file extensions to process ahead of time. Any file extension with a corresponding filter script in the
file is a candidate for prefiltering. Entering the special term
in the input area tells the script to prefilter all files with an extension found in the .glimpse_filters file.

Currently prefiltering is incompatible with jump-to-line. So, if you wish to filter only pdf but not html docments, you could enter

pdf PDF
in the input area.

In order to prefilter and index PDF files, you must also install a separate PDF-to-Text program. Please see

How To Index PDF Documents with XPDF
for specific instructions.

In order to prefilter and index HTML files while preserving links, you should make sure that htuml2txt.pl is the filter that will be applied. You should see lines like

*.html  |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.shtml |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.sht   |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.php   |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.PHP   |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.php3  |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.php4  |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.htm   |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.HTM   |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.HTML  |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
*.jhtml |WGHOME|/lib/htuml2txt.pl <
in the file |DIR|/.glimpse_filters. When you return to the Manage archive page you can simply enter
in the "Prefilter" input area, and all the extensions listed in your .glimpse_filters file will be prefiltered.
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