Web Glimpse Administration
Help on .wgfilter-index
.wgfilter-index contains a set of rules for allowing and denying files based on regular expressions matching the link (for Site and Tree type archives) or filename (for Dir type archives). There is a .wgfilter-index file for each archive, in the main archive directory (defaults to /usr/local/wg2/archives/N where N = archive #).

The syntax is as follows

Allow|Deny	[regexp]
It is used to prevent makenh from gathering and attempting to index various nontext files, and from indexing its own control files. For example, the lines
Deny (^|/)JavaScript:
Deny \.gif$
Deny \.jpeg$
Deny \.mpeg$
Deny \.jpg$
Deny \.ppt$
prevent indexing links beginning with "Javascript:" or containing "/Javascript:"; and all files/links ending with .gif, .jpeg, .mpeg, .jpg and .ppt.


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