Web Glimpse Administration
Help for Edit Directory
The Edit Directory page allows you to make changes to a Directory-type root in an archive.

Directory Path specifies the location in the filesystems of the files to be indexed. All files within the specified directory will be indexed, except those denied by .wgfilter-index. The list of files is generated by `find . -type f -follow -print `

Equivalent URL tells Webglimpse what URL on your server corresponds to the directory being indexed. This should be a full URL starting with "http://" and ending with the directory or alias. It should not end with index.html or other html file name.

Max # Pages tells Webglimpse the maximum # of pages to index from this directory. For example, if this is set to 100, then only the first 100 pages returned by `find` will be indexed.

Reindex Freq is NOT actually functional as of version 2.0.04. It will be used to create a crontab fragment that can be manually included in a users' crontab to reindex regularly.

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