Installing Webglimpse v1.6

Extracting the Files

If you have not already done so, download the most recent version of webglimpse and glimpse.

NOTE: Starting with version 1.6, directory where you extract the installation files will NOT be considered the Webglimpse home directory! Instead you will be prompted during the install for a permanent directory to use.

Create a temporary directory and extract the files there

gunzip webglimpse-latest.tar.gz
cd temp_install_directory
tar -xvf /path_to_tarfile/webglimpse-latest.tar

Running wginstall

From the webglimpse home directory, run


This program will check the operating system and the location of several required programs, including glimpse and wgconvert. If these are not found in the path, you will be prompted for their locations. Both glimpse and wgconvert should have been installed with Glimpse v4.1.

You will need to answer the following questions:

What OS are you running (must be one of linux osf sunos solaris)?: Defaults to the output of `uname -s`. BSD users should probably answer linux.

Directory for Webglimpse home:
Should NOT be the current directory. Make sure it is an absolute path, ie starts with a "/", not a "."

What is the path to your HTTP daemon's configuration directory (containing .conf files)?:
wginstall attempts to detect this from your process list. You should check that it is set correctly for your web server.

If DocumentRoot, Port and ServerName cannot be found in the configuration files, you will be prompted for these settings also.

Which directory should I copy the WebGlimpse cgi-bin scripts to?
Defaults to the first apparently valid ScriptAlias entry in srm.conf. If you change the default, be sure that the directory exists and has a ScriptAlias entry.

What is the script alias for...
Defaults to the alias part of the ScriptAlias entry. If you change the default, be sure that this is a valid ScriptAlias for your webserver.

To continue with these settings, press RETURN. Otherwise, press ^C to abort.
Review the list of settings and press RETURN to contine. If you abort, you can run wginstall again at a later time. Nothing permanent has happened yet at this point.

If you press RETURN, the few binary files will be compiled, a configuration file .wgsiteconf will be created, and webglimpse will be copied to the cgi-bin directory you specified.

At this point, you will have the option to exit the installation, or to configure one or more archives with confarc.

NOTE: Starting with v1.6, Support for Virtual Hosts has been moved from wginstall into confarc

See confarc.html for information about how to configure an archive.