Indexing an archive

After you configure an archive using confarc all the files needed to run the index are in the archive directory. The most important one is archive.cfg which contains most of the information obtained from the questions that confarc asked. At this point you may want to take a look at the exclude files .wgfilter-index and .wgfilter-box and add patterns you want to exclude.

All you need to do to build the archive and index it is to run the command wgreindex which is available at the archive directory. The output is minimal, mainly to indicate progress. There are two log files being kept by WebGlimpse:

maintains a list of all collected files and URLs.
a list of error messages.

After successfully indexing an archive, one or two search pages will have been built, wgindex.html and wgall.html. The first page, wgindex.html, contains the standard search interface to search the entire archive. The second page, wgall.html, is created only for a directory-based index. It contains a menu of subdirectories to search.