Understanding the vhost option with confarc

If you are virtually hosting multiple servers on your machine you specify the host by running
        confarc -v newname
where newname is the name of your virtual host.  When you run confarc -v newname, confarc checks the webglimpse installation directory for the site configuration file for this hostname (it will be of the form
newname.wgsiteconf). If it cannot find it then it will ask you several questions in order to properly configure the new host.

When it asks for the domain name it should have the current hostname under which your
web server is currently running like [foo.bar.com]. For this you should type in the virtual hostname (the one specified on the command line) and not the real hostname of the machine.

Next it will ask you for document root. Set this to be the document root of the virtual host and not the root of the web server. Note that you must run this as root in order to write to the webglimpse installation directory. If something goes really wrong for you, you can always copy the .wgsiteconf file to foo.bar.com.wgsiteconf and manually edit the file.

Mike Kay (mkay@spc.noaa.gov)

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