Simple Tutorial (continued)



The main control screen for managing your archives is where you can add additional sources of pages to index. In fact, you can combine web pages from local files, remote sites and trees of remote pages on multiple sites, into one searchable index, if so desired. Figure 2 (below) shows the web-ministration screen with the archive ready to go. Once you press the "Build Index" button, the spider goes out and gathers remote pages, filters out the HTML tags, and then runs glimpseindex to create a block-level inverted index for fast searching.

Figure 2

You can also embed a basic search form in your pages, by placing a check in the "Add search boxes to pages" option. The link "Add a search box or page to your website" takes you to a page with the source code for three example search forms for this archive, ranging from a bare input box to an advanced search form supporting regular expressions and making all the options visible to the user. The simple version of the search form, supporting all, any or exact phrase searching, is shown below in Figure 3.

Figure 3

The search templates that come with Webglimpse can be customized and modified to fit your Web site. Only the form action and the names of the input tags need to be preserved.

You also can get the same forms by pressing the "Search this Archive" button or entering the URL directly to the Webglimpse cgi