Licensing Webglimpse and Glimpse

Our licensees range from students using a single copy of glimpse on a home system to international corporations and high-tech government agencies using both Webglimpse and Glimpse on busy servers with unlimited end users. We've tried to make the licenses as scalable as the program. If you do not see one that matches your needs please contact us for assistance

Website: The most common use of Webglimpse is by a company indexing one or more websites on a public web server. This license provides for unlimited end users and scales with the size of the purchasing company and number of domains in use. Purchase Now

Intranet: Another common use of Webglimpse and Glimpse is on a company or departmental Intranet. We offer both server licenses and per-seat licenses depending on how the software will be used.

Glimpse for LXR: Glimpse is the search engine used inside of LXR Cross Referencer. In light of this, we offer a discounted license specifically for use of Glimpse within LXR.

ISP & Reseller: Many web hosting providers offer Webglimpse as a service to their clients. We offer an easy upgrade path for ISP's who would like to add Webglimpse as a hosting feature. We also have an attractive reseller program, particularly for developers or others interested in helping with the software itself.

Nonprofit, Educational & U.S. Government: The Advanced, or Commercial version of Webglimpse is now available free of charge to most educational, government and nonprofit's. Just contact us to receive login instructions. Note however that the Advanced version of Webglimpse is the property of Internet WorkShop, a private entity, and we reserve the right to refuse copies or service to any organization at our discretion.
Support contracts are also available. High priority is given to technical support queries and feature requests from those organizations who purchase a support contract.

Personal Use: For personal desktop use, Glimpse is charityware - please see details.

Work Exchange: For anyone who cannot afford to purchase a license, we have an interesting work exchange option!

License Terms: The same general terms apply to all licenses.

ISP Licensing

As an ISP, you have a great deal of flexibility in licensing Webglimpse software. You can begin by acting as a reseller for one or a few clients, with an initial small discount. Then, when you find that many of your hosting clients are interested in a search feature, you can apply those purchases towards the moderately priced ISP license. The ISP license itself will cover up to 100 hosting clients on one server; the cost as of this writing is $750 total.

Please contact us for current discounts and purchase options.

Reseller Program

We encourage resale of Webglimpse software. Resellers may be eligible for a small discount even on your first sale. Our resellers range from individual consultants, to software vendors, to VAR integrators and developers using part of our code in their own product.

Please contact us for current discounts and purchase options.

Nonprofit's, Educational and Government institutions

As of February 1, 2006, we are making all versions of Glimpse and Webglimpse available free of charge to most nonprofit's, educational and government institutions. This ensures that users have the best available version and provides us with feedback on our primary development branch.

There are nonprofit's and nonprofit's, though, and we reserve the right as a private company to determine who we give copies to.

If you belong to an organization and would like a free copy of Webglimpse and Glimpse, just ask (using our contact form) and most times we'll send you a login right away.

Work Exchange - Commercial & Resalable Licenses

We have an interesting and flexible policy of exchanging commercial Webglimpse licenses for bits of work on the project. More extensive development work can even be exchanged for a serialized set of resalable commercial licenses. Here are some examples of work that can be exchanged for one commercial license (value $200-$500):