Installation and Configuration


Installing Webglimpse 3.0 Using the Web Installer(continued)

If the directory permissions are correct and the installer is able to suggest an appropriate path, it will display the following screen (Figure 8)

Figure 8

You can either accept the default information or you can enter a different path or use another naming schema.

Next, you will be prompted for an archive path as seen below in Figure 9.

Figure 9

You can also customize this path information or accept the default.

Next, you are prompted to enter a license key if the installation will be licensed, if it is a trial/demo edition simply click the "Next" button, as shown in Figure 10

Figure 10


Your installation type - licensed or trial/demo choice verification is displayed, as shown below in Figure 11

Figure 11


At this point, the installer has enough information to begin the installation, as you can see below in Figure 12

Figure 12


Once the installation successfully completes, you will see the following screen (Figure 13) which displays the path to the Web Administration interface. This is where you will configure your site, build your archives and make your indexing customizations. Be sure to make note of this URL!

Figure 13

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Webglimpse through the web interface!

**Important Security Reminder: At this point, you should restore the permissions on your document root directory and cgi-bin directory to whatever they were before the installation!

Next, we will talk about installing Webglimpse using the unix/linux shell.

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