Open PPL Projects

Developers may contribute to these projects with the understanding that if their contributions are accepted, they will be paid on a per-line basis from future software sales. Please contact the Maintainer of each project for specific terms.

ABRA: a searchable, sortable and sharable resource list
General description & business model
Maintainer:Golda Velez

Currently Available PPL-licensed Modules

In order to license code listed here, please contact the individual authors for specific licensing terms. Authors probably also will be willing to provide additional documentation and assistance incorporating these modules into your software.

CPAN Categories module by Julian Lishev
Flexible, powerful module for managing categories, objects and relationships between them.

CommandWeb module by Golda Velez
Several useful functions for command line and web interfaces. Used in Webglimpse administration to collect user inputs and generate each admin page from a template. Also has functions for cookie login using an expiring, encrypted string for security.

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