the ABRA Project

What it is intended to be:

a searchable, sortable and sharable named resource list

'bookmarks' expanded to local, cgi and dbi resources and associated with category, keywords and description for searching and sorting

a context-sensitive environment that allows users to use comfortable terms to quickly find and file information

Last updated: 03/25/06: link to work-in-progress demo

General description and business model

Some design principles

Examples of Use

Proposal for Semantic Addressing/Search Protocol an old proposal outline from 1997 or 1998. Needs to be updated with respect to RDF/OWL but still has some valid points that are used in the Abra project. In particular we use compressed 64-byte addressing into information space that allows quick and efficient mapping of categories/ontologies to each other.

Note, although design docs are not finished there is a working demo with development in progress. The demo is simply my own notes and categories ; you will be able to see only the publicly available areas, but you can also register to create your own category tree. Please don't use it for anything mission critical as it is pre-alpha stage. Questions feel free to contact me (Golda Velez)