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3/6/06: Webglimpse 2.14.3 adds three hidden tags that allow you to modify the URL of hit results. This is useful for shopping carts such as SoftCart or Minivend that need to keep a session id in the URL, and for use with Google Analytics. Thanks to Tom Monroe of Infinity Imaging for this detailed Analytics & Softcart HowTo!
    The tags are prepath, postpath and insertbefore. Add these as HIDDEN tags to the search form, and the result url will be modifed like so:

	original result url:  http://yourserver.com/shoppingcartpath/somefile.html
	example tags:  	<input name=prepath value="/cgi/mycart.cgi?path=">
			<input name=insertbefore value="shoppingcartpath">
			<input name=postpath value="&sessionid=[SESSION_ID]">

	modified result url: http://yourserver.com/cgi/mycart.cgi?path=shoppingcartpath/somefile.html&sessionid=[SESSION_ID]

See the HowTo referenced above for an example that applies specifically to SoftCart and Google Analytics.

2/14/06: Webglimpse 2.14.2 now supports LimitPrefix for TREE type roots. That means, you can traverse external links on only a limited portion of a istarting site without hitting unwanted pages.

2/14/06: A user reports that Glimpse 4.18.2 "compiled and seems to be working find under MS services for unix" - so Windows users may be able to now use Glimpse without worrying about Cygwin. Windows Services for Unix appears to be a free download from Microsoft.

2/6/06: Webglimpse 3.00.01b is now available for beta test. Web based install wizard eliminates need for shell access (or at most a few commands will be needed to set permissions). Beta testers welcome!

2/3/06: Glimpse 4.18.2 ends backwards compatibility with varargs.h, as some systems now don't have STRICT_ANSI defined to let us know they have stdarg.h. That's ok ... stdarg.h is there on just about all *nixes since circa 1995.

9/5/05: Note added to docs - delete /tmp/xpdf* files if using xpdf to filter your PDFs to text. Also we are in development on Webglimpse 3.0, which will feature an FTP-only install.

8/09/05:Webglimpse 2.14.1 fixes a bug that prevented the administrative in terface cookies from working with Internet Explorer. Also some fine-tuning to the k eyword highlighting & centering code. No longer highlights partial matches when user was searching for whole word. Also fix to remove some leftover line numbers that were printing in multi-line titles.

4/29/05:Webglimpse 2.14.0 now centers output around the keywords and makes sure to always display the matched keywords even when the matching line has to be trimmed for size. Also does not highlight keywords separately when EXACT MATCH selected and user enters a phrase. NOTE: maxchars setting now refers to max chars per line, rather than per file. So, some admins may want to tweak settings to reduce number of lines displayed per file if you had been relying on the maxchars setting to limit the total output.


Webglimpse 2.13.2 fixes a bug which on some systems prevented indexing of PDF files. Also adds a new filter script, htfilter.pl, which can be used in place of htuml2txt.pl and can be modified to remove sections of files prior to indexing. This is useful if you have fixed header and footer which you do not want to be part of the index.


Webglimpse 2.13.1 has support for Dutch (Nederlands) thanks to Rev David Morris of GentleWare Studios. Also some fixes to normalization of 'A/..' type links and added some code to later support recognizing keywords in the 'link text'. (That is, we save the text that is used to link to each page; later we can use this to help rank searches or even add these keywords into the page for searching on)


Webglimpse 2.13.0 now supports the option to find keywords WITHIN X WORDS of each other (wordspan). Also some minor fixes regarding highlighting keywords and elimination of redunant links when spidering.
  To use the wordspan feature, install the latest version and view the sample input forms. Note that when searching for multiple terms within X words of each other, the terms are also required to appear in the same record rather than anywhere in the file.

10/7/04:Weblimpse 2.12.2 has two feature tweaks:

9/13/04: Webglimpse 2.12.1 is a maintenance release, fixing a problem where similar searches could erroneously share a single cache file, resulting in inaccurate search results. Cache filenames are now unique for each combination of search options.

8/02/04: Webglimpse 2.12.0 has several new features and minor fixes:

6/10/04: Glimpse 4.18.0 finally uses a standard autoconf-generated configure script. Hopefully this will fix compilation problems some folks ran into on FreeBSD and other platforms (esp those without dlopen support).

5/25/04: Webglimpse 2.11.0 has support for Romanian and updated French text, thanks to Marian-Nicolae V. Ion!

4/27/04: Webglimpse 2.10.4 has a fix to make jump-to-line work on subsequent 'Next Hits' pages - thanks to Rhonda Ames at the Ohio state library for the catch!

3/22/04: Webglimpse 2.10.3 has a few minor fixes/tweaks:

3/11/04: Webglimpse 2.10.2 is primarily a maintenance release, fixing the following:

12/12/03: Webglimpse 2.10.1 adds several significant new features:

11/16/03: Webglimpse 2.8.1 is a maintenance release with fixes to : the paging in the nexthits toolbar (had been broken in some instances); better handling of prefiltering files with tags spanning multiple lines; more error-checking regarding glimpse version; and fix dumb hardcoded ID in the newquery box.

9/02/03: Webglimpse 2.8.0 adds support and templates for Bulgarian, using charset windows-1251, fixes problems with retrieving and caching files with spaces or shell escape chars in the filenames. Also modernized the default results output to be much cleaner using stylesheets. And, CVS has been moved to a new server.
Only the newer language translations have been updated to new look - thanks to Nick Stallman for updates to Italian. Other languages will be updated as translations come in...

6/19/03: Webglimpse 2.7.8 handles Russian month names correctly (thanks Adeena Ascher at the JDC!), and fixes a problem with cachefile links containing the '#' wildcard.

6/16/03: Webglimpse 2.7.7 now defaults to use DD/MM/YY numeric date format for non-English languages. Also make nicer-looking titles from links for PDF and other files that do not contain <TITLE> tag. (Avoid using hex char codes)

5/15/03: Webglimpse 2.7.6 has support for Polish (Polsku), thanks to Wojciech Dorosz! Also some minor fixes involving queries with quote characters, and correction to a file counting bug that could have caused some SITE type archives to index less than the set maximum number of pages.

4/5/03: Webglimpse 2.7.4 is out - fixes and features include

2/02/03: Webglimpse 2.6.7 has several new fixes and features: 12/25/02: Agrep and MySQL - a white paper by Kevin McGrail 11/29/02: Several contributed Glimpse fixes and files, thanks to all who helped! 11/22/02: Check out some ideas for a new cooperative development project where the developers get paid for their work, based on sales of he final product.

11/18/02: Webglimpse 2.6.2 can now search multiple archives at once! Also new option to traverse but not index the 'trunk' pages of a tree.

10/10/02: Glimpse 4.17.1 has an important fix that will prevent missing hits. If you are running 4.16.2 thru 4.17.0, you should upgrade now. Those versions contain an error that could cause hits to be missed in certain cases, for reliable searches upgrade to 4.17.1.

10/01/02: Webglimpse 2.5.4 and Glimpse 4.17.0 have some exciting stuff:

8/01/02: Webglimpse 2.5.1 has several significant improvements 7/08/02: Webglimpse 2.4.8 includes new template file "newquery.html" for customizing the query box at the end of the results page (make it blank to eliminate the box entirely). Requires commercial version. Upgrade to 2.4.8, press 'Save Changes' on the manage archive screen, then edit 'newquery.html' as desired (will be copied to your archive directory). Also new function FindSentences allows the '.' char to be used for line breaks in the results instead of hard returns.

6/17/02: Webglimpse 2.4.6 provides several options for search interfaces, including use of ANY or ALL keywords instead of making the user create their own boolean expression by hand. Plus several minor fixes and a somewhat significant one to handling of documents with no titles.

6/17/02: Glimpse 4.16.2 finally fixes the intermittent segfault on very large indexes (multiple-Gb). Just a buffer overrun, folks... See ChangeLog.txt for details.

5/16/02: Webglimpse 2.4.3 cleans up the Next Hits toolbar

5/7/02: Webglimpse 2.4.1 has minor install tweak and correction to sendmail command line for optional archive registration.

5/5/02: Webglimpse 2.4.0 adds several new (and old) features, plus lots of minor fixes & cleanup:

3/21/02: Webglimpse 2.3.3 fixes a problem with the install when CHOWN failed; now we tell the user how to do it themselves and keep going instead of bailing out altogether.

3/17/02: Webglimpse 2.3.2 is mainly a maintenance release, a few new features:

2/12/02: Webglimpse 2.3.1 has lots of new goodies: 12/05/01: Important security fix in Webglimpse 2.2.1 and 1.7.12, thanks to Gerry Magennis for finding it!

11/04/01: New with Webglimpse 2.2.0, wgcmd manages and tests your archives from the command line!

10/15/01: Thanks to Nelson Beebe for all the binaries! Download 4.15 for your OS at ftp://webglimpse.net/pub/glimpse/

9/13/01: New shell script for processing PDF files contributed by Tong Sun

8/30/01: Webglimpse 2.1.06 has support for Finnish (suomi), thanks to Marko Asplund!

8/22/01: Webglimpse 2.1.05 trial and licensed test release

8/20/01: Glimpse compiles on FreeBSD 7/28/01: Portuguese support added 7/23/01: Expiring Demo doesn't require registration 7/08/01: Language support built-in! 5/20/01: Glimpse 4.13.2b has a new configure script that works much better, thanks to Sang-yong Suh. 5/15/01: WG 2.0.11 licensed and WG 2.0.11 EDU/trial have several minor fixes: 5/12/01: Webglimpse 2.0.10 can update wusage stats thru the web interface, adds .cgi extensions to scripts 5/08/01: Webglimpse 2.0.08 logs searches to file in common log format, compatible with Wusage software from boutell.com. 3/28/01: Webglimpse 2.0.07 uses saved files when possible to avoid unnecessary URL retrievals

3/08/01/: Webglimpse 2.0.06 released

1/29/01: Webglimpse 2.0.05 released 1/23/01: wgusers and wgdev mailing lists archived and searchable using 2.X 1/17/01: New ResultCache.pm module for 2.X

12/26/00: Check this out! Major new release of Webglimpse.

Please send in bug reports, this is still definitely in beta-test mode!

11/22/00: Speeded-up searches of docs without linebreaks

08/15/00: New release versions, GNU-style ChangeLogs 05/24/00: Docs, libraries & maintenance releases

12/13/99: Site and developer tool updates

11/17/99: Webglimpse 1.7.7 has a more robust version of httpget, Vineel fixed it not to hang on certain remote sites. Also several fixes to reduce warning messages and output when run from cron. See CHANGES-1.7.7 for full cvs details.

10/25/99: Glimpse 4.12.6 fixes several bugs, thanks to Morey, including the sgrep.c fix below. See the CHANGES.glimpse file for brief summary. Improved configure script also included, contributed by Michael Heironimus - see Michael's notes at http://www.iit.edu/~heirmic/devel/glimpse.shtml.

10/4/99: New version of sgrep.c fixes a bug with the record count when using a user-defined delimiter. Thanks to Morey Hubin for this tricky fix! Please test if you have a chance, this change will be incorporated into the next Glimpse release. See bug119.txt for more info.

9/15/99: Webglimpse 1.7.6 contains

7/13/99: Webglimpse 1.7.5 contains
7/13/99: glimpse-4.12.5.tar.gz contains a fix to allow filtering with strucutured queries. This is necessary for field-based searching through webglimpse.

6/7/99: SpacesInFilenames.tar contains changes to glimpse, glimpseindex, makenh and webglimpse that will allow indexing of filenames with spaces in them. So far it works in some small tests, but its a very "deep" change and needs some heavy testing! Please let me know if you try it! --GV

6/2/99: Webglimpse 1.7.2 has several minor fixes

6/1/99: Glimpse 4.12.3 may fix the nasty segfault bug with large indexes. (Bug# 116) --GV

5/25/99: LEX-based htuml2txt contributed by Christian Vogler.

5/19/99: Notes on compiling under OSF 3.0 including some modified system header files.

Archived News

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