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Webglimpse is a flexible tool designed for users from novice to expert. Choose the search form you prefer, depending on the typical user of your website. Of course, you can customize your own form further simply by editing the HTML.

User Perspective: Search Forms

Example 1: The lone query box
Find a joke about:

Example 2: Simple form allows user to choose ALL or ANY search terms

Example 3: Power searching allows the user to use complex boolean expressions, regexp, specify number of mismatches, and much more!

Example 4: Multiple archives can be presented in a single form so the user can quickly choose different areas to search through.

Administrator Perspective

Webglimpse can be administered through the web or command line interface. The links below will let you walk through the administration tool in read-only mode, by logging in as 'guest' with password 'guest'.

Example 1: Manage single archive screen

Example 2: Web-ministration interface for multiple archives (all our demo area)

Example 3: screen-shot of the command line admin tool. You can also edit configuration files directly, all are flat text files with comments.

Live Sites

See also our list of over 300 live sites using Webglimpse! Webglimpse is used by NASA, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), many state and federal agencies as well as private companies and organizations of all sizes.

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