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cPanel Forums - FAQ: User Maintenance, Jan 16 2006
This forum also gives you the option to use a cookie to track your current session, ensuring that you remain logged-on while browsing the site. If you choose not to store this information in a cookie, the session data will be sent through each link you click. Choosing not to use a cookie may cause problems if your computer's connection to the Internet uses a proxy-server and you share links with other users behind the same proxy. If in doubt, we recommend that you select 'yes' to enable the cookie.

cPanel Forums - FAQ: Reading and Posting Messages, Jan 16 2006
To create a poll when you post a new thread, simply click the 'Yes! post a poll' checkbox at the bottom of the page, and set the number of possible responses you want to include.

cPanel Forums - FAQ: General Forum Usage, Jan 16 2006
Yes! To send an email to another member, you can either locate the member you want to contact on the member list, or click the button on any post made by that member. desc&bug_status=__open__&product=&content=, Jan 16 2006
Save Forwarded Mail --Yes/No Option -- cPanel/WebMail

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